Suction accessories

Suction accessories

RIDDER suction accessories offer a huge selection of different products which can be fixed without drilling (screws) and glue. Made of ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) and stainless steel we guarantee a long product life and modern look.

Our suction accessories are very easy to clean and removable at any time. Due to different adhesive pads they can be fixed on uneven surfaces like finery, wood or wallpapers.

For a perfect hygiene and a long product life we recommend:

Take off the item every 4 weeks (incl. Suction cup) and clean thoroughly with clean, fluent water. Please dry the suction cup only by air, so that it stays lint-free. Then clean the tiles (or other surfaces where you want to fix the item) thoroughly, too and dry it with an lint-free cloth.

Suction cup and item can be fixed again, now.